The Selection Committee has spoken. All 64 competitors have been chosen,and it’s time to start filling out your brackets. For what? Not March Madness, but the first annual It-Has-Nothing-to-Do-With-March-or-Sports,-But-Let’s-Make a-Bracket-Out-Of-It Bracket. This year’s theme is food. The bracket is separated into 4 regions: American, European, Latin-American, and everything else in an effort to definitively discover the most delicious food of all time.

Some of my favorite first round matchups:

7) NY Strip vs. 10) BBQ Brisket: A New York strip and BBQ brisket are the best a cow has to offer. In this match up, it’s a matter of preference: high class or good ol’ fashion home cookin’. I’ll take a Texas Brisket any day.

8) Croissant vs. 9) Danish: Danishes are the younger brother of the croissant. Croissant is the rich, successful sibling. Meanwhile, the Danish works hard. People think he’s a failure compared to his brother but in the end, Danish works his tail off and lives a happy, successful life. He’s not as famous and doesn’t gets the same attention as Croissant does, but Danish is the guy you would rather be friends with, because it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Seriously. Danishes have fillings inside, and croissants don’t. Danish wins this one.

1) Taco vs. 16) Nachos: At first glance, this seems like a runaway victory for the taco, but when you take a deeper look, its closer than you think. Nachos and tacos have most of the same things in them: meat, guacamole, sour cream, etc, but this showdown comes down to the food’s base and cheese. Taco’s base is a tortilla. Sure, tortillas are delicious, but they can’t compete with tortilla chips. Crunchy and salty, nachos get the edge here. Finally, tacos typically come with a sprinkle of cheese. Nachos? They have a solid pound of greasy, cheesy goodness melted onto them. Mo’ cheese make Joe pleased. Nachos with the shocking upset of the top-seeded taco.

5) Canadian Bacon vs. 12) Poutine: The battle of the Great White North features the classic Canadian bacon and poutine (AKA a heart attack). Canadian bacon is delicious, yes, but it really cannot compete with the gravy goodness that is poutine. How can a slice of ham compete with french fries drenched in gravy and topped off with cheese?

My Flavorful Four:

  • American: Sundae
  • European: Chicken Parmasean
  • Latin American: Burrito
  • Other: Fried Rice

To see the full bracket, click below. Print and fill it out to see who makes your Flavorful Four, and let me know what makes the cut in your bracket. May the best meal win!

Food Bracket




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